SUFB 154: Getting to know Nathan Johnson


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Getting to know Nathan Johnson

I figured it was time that you got to know the co-host of Ocean Talk Friday, Nathan Johnson. He is the guy who has written 99% of the articles of Speak Up for Blue (SUFB) for the past 8 months and has done a great job.

He will now be focusing most of his time on developing the content for the SUFB Digital Magazine to reach more people with an Ocean Conservation message on this different platform.

Did you know that aside from working tirelessly on SUFB content, Nathan has a full time day job at Artist Boat as the Habitat & Stewardship Manager? He is responsible for managing the species inventory on a 500+ acre property owned by Artist Boat and educates the public on the species diversity within the property on various nature tours.

Join me as I pepper Nathan with questions about his day job and how he got into Marine Conservation.


Links To Resources Discussed in This Podcast

  • Artist Boat promotes awareness and preservation of coastal ecosystems.


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