Global Warming Accelerated By Slowing Of Ocean Conveyor Belt



I learned about the Ocean Conveyor Belt that influenced the climate for the Northwestern Atlantic and Northeastern Atlantic regions when I was in school quite some time ago. It fascinated me that the ocean can have such a prolific role in regulating Climate. 

It seems that it also has a role in controlling, or accelerating Climate Change, as well. Researchers from China have recently published an article in Nature regarding how the conveyor belt can help take Greenhouse Gases out of the atmosphere and bury them 1,500 metres below the Ocean’s surface. Alternatively, if the belt slows or stops, then the gases will have nowhere to go and will remain in the atmosphere. 

According to the article, the authors predict that the belt has slowed and will remain in this state for another 20 years. This does not look good for global temperatures.


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