Gordon Ramsay in Shark Bait

By January 28, 2011 November 10th, 2011 Ocean News
Gordon Ramsay Investigates Shark Fin Soup
Gordon Ramsay Investigates Shark Fin Soup

Gordon Ramsay provides a Chef's perspective to the Shark Fin Soup Issue

I thought I would write this post seeing how we at Speak Up for Blue have been writing about shark finning and awareness brought on via celebrities this week. Looks like Gordon Ramsay tossed his hat into the Shark Fin Soup issue, but not necessarily from a celebrity’s perspective, but from a Chef’s perspective.

Gordon Ramsay is considered a great chef, but is more known for his temper on his show “Hell’s Kitchen” where he yells at chefs for being incompetent. Now, Ramsay has turned towards the shark fin industry. Imagine that anger being thwarted upon the shark finning industry. I thought there would be a show of fights between Ramsay and people in the shark finning industry, but I was wrong.

Ramsay took almost a scientific approach to the subject, which impressed me, as a scientist. He asked questions, conjured hypotheses, and tested them. He also made it entertaining because of the way he conducted himself. He was a bit pushy, but in a polite way, although there were a few times where his life could have been in danger in Asia with an Asian mob…that’s all I’m giving away, you will have to watch the rest to find out what happens.

My Summary for Shark Bait

This documentary that I found on YouTube was called Shark Bait and it contains Gordon Ramsay’s quest to find out the appeal of shark fins and why there is such a global problem. The documentary starts out in London, England where Gordon inspects restaurants in Chinatown to find out which restaurant serves shark fin soup. He travels to Taiwan and Costa Rica to learn about the way the sharks are caught, raped of the fins, thrown back in the water still alive to drown, and the fins sold in market in the Asian community as a status perception.

Watch the movie below and find out how you can ban shark finning in various places such as Guam.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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