Government Of Canada Prioritizing Right Whale Protection Over Fishing Community?

Canada Prioritizing Right Whale Protection Over Fishing Community


Last year, the North Atlantic Right Whale population lost 19 individuals in the US and Canada due to ship strikes and/or fish gear entanglement. It was a surprise in Canada as Right Whales sightings were rare in the Gulf of St. Lawrence; however, with Climate Change heating up the sea, many species northern boundaries are expanding. 

The Government of Canada took some major initiatives to stop the deaths of the endangered whales as they decreased ship speed in the Gulf and closed down certain fishing areas in the Spring of 2018. 

There hasn’t been a reported death of Right Whales this Spring yet, which leads us to believe the restrictions by the Government of Canada are working. 

Unfortunately, the fishing community in the areas where fishing has been closed during these times are not happy. They say it’s going to affect their revenue for the year without any compensation.

In this episode, I ask you if we should be prioritizing the protection of whales over fishing communities and whether that is a viable long-term strategy?


1) Efforts To Protect Northern Right Whale Working

2) Right Whale forces Canadian island to ban fishing

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