Growing Mangroves For Protection, Canada’s MPA process flawed, Blood Worms and Oil eating Inverts

Mangroves Marine Protected Areas Oil-Eating Inverts Zombie Worms


Nathan is back for another Ocean Talk Friday on the Speak Up For Blue Podcast where we chat about 4 articles related to Marine Science and Conservation that happened within the last week or that we deemed were important enough to talk about. Two of the articles is where I let Nathan do what he does best…talk invertebrates! I took the same strategy as Stevie Wonder did at I concert my wife and I saw for her birthday a couple of years ago. Stevie doesn’t just have a band made up of a guitarist, a drummer and a bassist. He has 3 drummers, multiple percussionists, a brass section, multiple guistarists and more. He stopped the concert halfway to tell us that he has a job to do during his concert. He said that he has to let his musicians just jam at some point during the concert because when you have this many talented people doing something you want, then you have to do something for them. So the band played for a long time. I use the same strategy with Nathan. We talk a lot about whales, seals, sharks, fish, manatess, and other vertebrates, but we don’t talk too much about inverts. So I let Nathan bring on some exciting stories of Inverts for Ocean Talk Friday this week and they are quite interesting.

Here is a list of what we discussed on the podcast that you can listen above:
1) Growing mangroves to protect coast;
2) Problems with MPA process in Canada;
3) Zombie Worms; and,
4) Deep-Sea Mussels and Sponges break down oil

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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