Hayden Panettiere Saves the Whales…Again!

By January 26, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

Continuing with Speak Up for the Blue’s Celebrity Ocean Leader Day, we take a look at a young Hollywood Star known for her role in Fox’s Show Heores as a Cheerleader with a super ability to regenerate wounds. The young star’s environmental activism caught the eye of the world when she and other colleagues protested the killing of a pod of pilot whales in Taiji, Japan. Her emotional breakdown after the protest showed us that she made a connection with the whales before they were brought into the infamous Taiji Cove for slaughter. Today, Hayden is continuing her Whale Awareness campaign to stop whaling and other harmful practices to whales by working with an organization called Save The Whales Again.

Hayden uses her star power to target kids and asks them to help save whales again. Why again? Well, the whale conservation movement has been going on for decades and for a while, it looked as though the International Whale Commission (IWC) banned whaling internationally. However, certain countries, led by Japan stated that they were taking whales for research purposes and the meat will be sold in sotres after the research is finished. The world knows that the “research” ploy is a farce, but the IWC has proven ineffective in stopping these countries, which also include Iceland and Norway.

The fate of whales rests in the hands of individuals around the world. Consumer demand seems to drive many of the events including whale meat. We need to educate ourselves on the products which contain whale meat and/or byproducts and refrain from purchasing them. Then and only then will the economic rationale for hunting whales will seize to exist. Thank you Hayden for your great work on helping to save the whales!

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