Hello, and Welcome! I’m Hayley; a UK based BSc Honours (Physical Geography) graduate who is at the beginning of what looks set to be an exciting career in marine research and species conservation.


My previous experience has been mainly research based; using media and scientific communication as an effective way to engage with the public. This includes been part of the innovative team at The University of Gloucestershire who developed the Co-Fast Flood Archive Project which provided a ongoing valuable audio archive for local communities. I have also produced published newspaper articles for the well respected Times Cheltenham Science Festival which encourages scientists from around the globe to effectively communicate their research to the general public in a variety of formats from lectures to live experiments.


Having always been interested in wildlife and knowing early on that conservation and scientific research was to be my chosen career path, it was my research with Coral Watch in 2010 off the shores of Kenya which really grabbed my true passion. I have long had a passion and bias towards the oceans, finding programmes, films and books about the oceans fascinating. I am a keen Scuba Diver, having previously only ever dived in Europe, this dive in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean swimming alongside turtles and sharks monitoring the health of the coral reefs below me, quickly showed me the reality that this environment and its species could be damaged and potentially lost if scientific research, conservation and education were not promoted. It was at during this dive that my desire to preserve the marine environment through research and effective science communication was decided.


My current research interests involve monitoring individual species by using citizen collected data to map population distributions and help effectively manage species, whilst positively engaging communities through active participation and education. I hope that through further education by studying for an MSc in Citizen Science and Species Conservation in 2012, and a PhD thereafter, I can develop my skills and knowledge in this area and contribute to the valuable ongoing work in marine research and conservation.


I hope that my contribution to Speak Up For the Blue shall aid the vital communication and promotion of marine science and research.