How To Become An Influencer For Your Marine Conservation Career

By October 8, 2016 October 10th, 2016 Speak Up For Blue Podcast

Speak Up For Blue Podcast

Being an influencer in this web and tech driven society is easier than ever. Find out what you need to do to set yourself apart from everyone else.

Imagine that you apply for a job and when the hiring manager comes across your name, she/he already knows who you are because you worked hard at becoming an influencer within your niched within Marine Conservation and you did one hell of a job.

Many of your colleagues will apply to jobs and expect to hear back from an interview. If they qualify for the position and they demonstrate it on their application, then they will be able to further compete with others for the position. However, what happens after that point in the application process. You might have to write a test or attend an interview with everyone else who qualifies based on the same criteria. What can you do to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd? Become and influencer.

If you are known within the public domain for your career interest, then you have impact power. If you have publications within scientific journals, then you have impact power. This means that not only can you do the work, but you can make that your project results reach more people because you have impact.

I cover how you can become an influencer in today’s social and tech savvy world that will help your career.

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