Hurricane Irma Sucks Water Away From Coast And Why Fish Eat Plastic

By September 11, 2017 Speak Up For Blue Podcast
Hurricane Irma Sucking water off of coast


Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida over the weekend reeking havoc in different counties across the state as it did across many Caribbean Islands. As people in the path of Irma checked in as safe on social media and shared pictures and videos of what they witnessed, an interesting thing popped up in some of the videos.

Two people shared pictures and videos of the ocean water missing along their coasts. One person’s video in Long Island, Bahamas showed water missing from his dock as far as the eye can see. The other video shows a manatee that was stranded due to the lack of water caused by the hurricane. Listen to the podcast to find out why this happened.

The second story I cover today is about a study showing why fish eat plastic that is plaguing our Ocean. I talk about the study and the results and how it affects humans as predators. 

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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