Oil Companies Delaying Offshore Drilling in Arctic

By May 22, 2013 Ocean Solutions
From the BBC

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This isn’t a directly ocean related topic but given the huge impacts that big oil has on the ocean, ranging from acidification to oil spills to climate change, I think its close enough. A recent documentary, The Secret of the Seven Sisters, on Aljazeera looked at the geopolitical forces that resulted in the big oil companies we have today. Personally I suggest everyone watch this fantastically well done documentary because it really does give you an insight into the powers maintaining the status quo.

It also goes to show just how environmentally irresponsible these oil companies are, and with the increase in off-shore drilling projects we are going to see an increase in the number of oil spills in the coming years. Wherever you live I’m certain there are groups pushing the governments to restrict off-shore drilling permits so that oil companies can’t drill in increasingly fragile ecosystems (the arctic and deeper waters for example).

Oil Droplets after BP oil spill

Oil Droplets after BP oil spill

The oceans are already rapidly changing directly or indirectly related to oil production and use. Lets protect what we have from what are companies with a history of manipulating world events to their benefit. Just recently there have been some major successes too! ShellTotalStatoil and Conoco-Phillips have all stopped, or at least postponed their aspirations to drill in the arctic. In New Zealand we have made Petrobras give up its bid to drill off-shore here. All of this is great news and proves that when people wok together we can make a difference.

What I’m hoping people can do is comment about what they know is going on in their countries. Maybe groups that people can join to fight these companies, or good news about stopping them, or bad news that needs to be addressed.

Let us know what your/other countries are doing to try and prevent these companies from doing more damage to the environment.

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