Industry-Government-Science Partnership For Whale Monitoring and The Carbon Tax Explained

By November 16, 2018 December 4th, 2018 Marine Mammals
Partnership Whale Monitoring

We start today’s episode with the Marine Social Science Segment with Dr. Edd Hind-Ozan discussing a news article demonstrating a great Industrial-Government-Science Partnership to monitor whales to prevent entanglement.

The Dungeness Crab Industry has funded Scientists to board Coast Guard helicopters during regular surveillance duties to monitor areas where there are crab pots to prevent whale entanglement.

We continue with the show as I describe the carbon tax in Canada and how the Federal Government will use the tax. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rolled out how the Carbon Tax will work for various provinces. Everyone will pay a tax based on their household carbon emissions (in tons of carbon produced) and will get money back with their tax returns.

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