Iron Fertilization in the Ocean and the Public Needs to Leave Sea Lions Alone


On today’s episode, I chat about 2 Ocean Issues that I feel need to be discussed on this podcast. The 1st issue is that of Iron Fertilization and the 2nd is the issue of leaving sea lions alone.

Iron Fertilization

Roy Mulder, friend, colleague and past guest of the podcast, shared an article on Nature’s website this week about a non-profit organization that is proposing to dump iron sulfate off the coast of Chile to increase the fish stocks. There is just one problem: dumping iron into the ocean has not proven to increase fish stocks in the past…not scientifically. The article quotes some scientists who would like to see the results of this experiment(s) published in a peer reviewed journal to share the methods and results to the wider scientific community. They would also like to see what other effects the procedure has on the ocean. We all know humans have tried to mess with nature plenty of times before in the past and it has backfired once or twice (or many other times).

I talk about one potential effect that could cause more dead zones in the ocean and contribute methane, a greenhouse gas, to the Climate Change problem.

Leave Sea Lions Alone!!!

This week we saw a video originally entitled “Killer Sea lion drags girl into Steveston waters”, in which the title has now been changed to “Sea lio drags girl into Stevenson water.” If you haven’t seen the video then you can watch it below.

We all know that sea lions are wild animals, right? And we shouldn’t feed wild animals, right? I mean, we are told to never feed the bears, wolves, foxes, coyotes because feeding animals can be dangerous to us and the animals. Then why do we see these videos pop up every once and a while where humans are feeding wild animals and something bad happens.

The incident in the video above is an example of why you shouldn’t feed animals and why you should be careful when you are around wild animals. It’s not the first time I’ve mentioned that we should be careful around wild animals. In La Holla, CA, people are always approaching sea lions who are hauled out on the beaches and rocks, resting and warming up in the California sun. There are awful videos of people harassing sea lions as they try to get selfies with the animals. IT IS ILLEGAL to harass marine mammals in the US and if you ask me, it’s not a good idea. So don’t and tell others not to either.

I discuss, in more detail, the sea lion that dragged the girl into the water during this episode and why it’s not a good idea to feed wild animals.

Links to Resources mentioned in the Episode:
1) Iron Fertilization Story
2) Sea Lion drags girl into water video
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