Is All Ocean Science News Bad News?

By March 22, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

It is rare to read news about the Oceans that is good news. We tend to focus on the bad issues rather than the good features of the Ocean. Have you ever been on a coast either driving along a coastal road or hiking, or even walking along the beach to look out into calm waters during a sunset. It gives me tingles (sounds stupid but I can’t help it!). Speak Up for the Blue’s Ocean Leader, Danielle Meitiv starts a conversation about the same topic that I would like to continue. I would first like to thank her for starting the conversation about the discussion on Oceans and how it always turns to the worse part about the Oceans.

Technically, the Oceans are in trouble, BUT they are not dead. We can still enjoy them at our leisure. We can SCUBA dive in almost every part of the Ocean that out bodies can take us. We can kayak along the coasts and peak at the diversity of life in clear, shallow waters. We can snorkel in shallow reefs, seagrass beds, and intertidal zones and watch the marine life live as if we were watching an episode on HDTV, but the picture is that much better because it is real! We can lie on the beach or build sand castles where the water comes in to fill out moats (yes, I love moats!). There is so much we can do to enjoy the Ocean and then talk about the good times we had while living, playing, walking, or running by the Ocean. It’s the greatest feeling on Earth!

As Danielle mentions in her article, our human brain can only take so much doom and gloom for so long. We need to enjoy the Oceans because they are there, right in front of us. We can enjoy time with our families and friends outdoors doing activities that are healthy for us and may bring us closer together as a community. We have enough to worry about with paying the bills, finding work, keeping a job, and living our lives where we have to be somewhere yesterday.

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. Speak Up for the Blue will focus on getting you prepared to do some activities by the Oceans or better yet, in the Oceans. I will speak about SCUBA Diving, kayaking, surfing, going to the beach, traveling, and more. Of course, I will talk about some Ocean issues, but the focus will be on positive, simple, applicable messages so that you can enjoy the Ocean while giving back to it. I am glad spring is here and I am looking forward to the summer. My personal mission is to prepare you for a great summer with little to no impact on the Oceans and still enjoy the Oceans.

Don’t worry if you don’t live near an Ocean. I live on Lake Ontario. Any water body will do. There is always something you can do that is enjoyable around any body of water.

Cheers to a Great Spring and an Even Better Summer!

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