It’s the Summer: Welcome to Another Scary Shark Movie!!!

By June 26, 2017 Ocean News
47 Meters Down To Make You Fear Sharks

It seems as though every summer brings another scary movie of sharks hunting humans to sport or just for food. Of course, it’s purely fictional, but the movies always make the sharks seem like they are serial killers out for human blood. The effect? It scares the hell out of people to either keep them out of the water during the summer months (in temperate areas) or all year round based on a false sense of fear. Yup, movies have killed the option of swimming in it during the summer for many kids around the world since the movies Jaws was released creating a fear and hatred for any kind of shark.

Sharks are usually portrayed as evil in shows and movies every time you see them unless it’s in a documentary to save sharks. This year is no different. Mandy Moore and Claire Holt star in a shark thriller called 47 Meters Down about two women who go diving in a shark cage. Their shark cage tether breaks and they fall to 47 (155 feet) meter depth at the bottom of the sea. They have a few problems now: 1) It’s dark; 2) The women are running out of air; and, 3) They are surrounding by sharks who apparently are just waiting outside the cage to gobble them up. It’s a terrifying movie showing sharks as human-eating machines. Not.Good.For.Conservation.Of.Sharks!!!

Sarah Sloat wrote an article where she interviewed Dr. Chris Lowe a shark expert and the Director of the Shark Lab at University of California Long Beach, Shark Lab. Chris has also been a past guest on the podcast. He details all of the challenges the women would face before the sharks would become a potential problem including decompression sickness and running out of air. He mentions that the sharks would not be going after them as aggressively as they are depicted in the movie especially because the sharks don’t like the look of two divers with SCUBA tanks and the rest of their equipment; however, he did acknowledge that the divers would have to keep an eye on the sharks as they like to attack when their prey aren’t looking.

Would I suggest going to see the movie? Absolutely not. I like the actors in the movie, but I can’t stand the fact that the actors chose this role as it depict sharks in a negative manner. As Jacques Cousteau once said “We protect what we love” How are we supposed to love an animal that is always depicted as a blood thirty human serial killer.

Let’s teach our world to love sharks as they need our protection from ourselves.

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  • Brendan Turley says:

    It amazes me movies that demonize sharks are still a thing. I get it that it plays to some of our basest fears of survival, but intellectually this movies are horrifyingly naive and dumb. Why can’t we flip the script and make a movie that demonizes market forces that drove some people to decimate shark populations?

  • Andrew Lewin says:

    Tell me about it. It seems as though there is not a market for movies about saving sharks (unless it’s a documentary), which would be a great movie.

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