James Cameron Explores the Deep Blue Sea

By March 17, 2012 Ocean News
James Cameron thinks it's important to explore the Deep Sea

James Cameron Sets Record and Not in Movies

James Cameron set a record for the deepest dive in a submersible by himself as in solo. He set the record on Tuesday off the coast of Papa New Guinea where he dove down 5.1 miles below the Ocean’s Surface. The record setting journey was actually a test run for a longer journey he plans to take, which is a trip down to the Mariana Trench in a couple of weeks.

James Cameron thinks it's important to explore the Deep Sea

The Mariana trench is located in the Pacific Ocean south of Japan and is approximately 6.8 miles deep and stretch over 1500 miles long. Cameron has really gotten in to exploring the deep sea ever since he made the Titanic documentary, which forced him to research how to reach the giant ship located at a depth of 2.5 miles. In fact, James Cameron has become such an expert that the US government actually contacted him during the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to discuss the type of technology required to function at the deep depth to stop the spill.

I love the fact that James Cameron, who is this amazing director and holds clout with many of Hollywood’s elite, is involved with exploring the Ocean to better understand it. Having such a Hollywood big shot means that the general public will listen to what he says; especially when it comes to conserving the Ocean. Also the fact that Cameron is pushing the limits on how deep humans can go is very cool. We don’t know 99% of what’s beneath the Ocean and since they are so deep we need to figure out what is below and hopefully we won’t mess it up like we have the rest of the Ocean.

Other Hollywood Stars Speak Up for Oceans everyday, which brings me to the question of the day:

Do you think Hollywood stars and directors help the Ocean Conservation Movement?

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  • herman lankwarden says:

    Yes, absolutly!!!
    It will help for sure, just look at the attention that George Clooney has generated with his protest in front of the Sudanese ambassey in Whasington. no PR-campagne can reach that with almost no money.

  • I definitely thing celebrity focus on the oceans is helping the situation. They call attention to the way some people and some companies are disregarding the abundance of life and resources contained in the oceans. I am a children’s book illustrator who has partnered with award-winning singer/songwriter Christine Lavin to produce two picture books based on songs, one about life in a puddle of water and one inspired by the gulf oil spill. The latter is a very hopeful tale how we can use clean energy to help power our world and also aid our aquatic wildlife in the process. Please view our video (BTW, a portion of the proceeds goes to the National Wildlife Rehabilitaors Association): http://youtu.be/NIMXTWpDWaM

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