Japan Aquaculture Recovery After A Tsunami with Bonnie Waycott

Japan Aquaculture Tsunami


Bonnie Waycott joins me on the podcast today to discuss how the Japanese aquaculture industry is recovering after the March 11th, 2011 Tsunami that devastated part of Japan. Recovery efforts are still ongoing almost 7 years later, where some families are still in temporary housing as their homes are still not back together. 
Japan is a country that has a bad reputation for Marine Conservation as they are synonymous with Whaling and the Cove; however, it is rare that we get an inside look at how the people in Japan live off of the sea and recover after such a devastating event that changes the history of the region. Bonnie provides us with that look as she has been studying the recovery through the eye of a journalist. 
Join us as Bonnie tells us about how she grew up in Japan and the UK; lived through the Japanese Earthquakes of 2011; and, works with the people of Japan to determine how they recover from a Tsunami.

Enjoy the Podcast!!! 

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