Speak Up For Blue Ocean Leader Jason SelwynI can’t remember a time before I was in love with the ocean and wanted to be a marine biologist; my parents tell me that it was either that or studying dinosaurs. At some point I must have realized that there are basically dinosaurs in the sea that are alive and kicking still! So I donned my wetsuit, put on my SCUBA gear and was off on my first real marine biology adventure helping to do research on the health of the reefs in Indonesia’s Wakatobi Marine National Park right in the heart of the coral triangle.

From there it’s been a bit of a whirlwind adventure taking me all over the world doing what I love and studying the ocean and the things that live in it. From the intertidal zone of New England looking at how snails deal with predatory crabs to the crystal clear waters of French Polynesia investigating fish territoriality and the symbiotic bacteria living on corals to the cold waters of Washington State looking at seabird feeding patterns. And then I graduated university and began a whole new set of adventures.

From there I made my way to the beautiful sunny Bahamas. There I was part of a team studying the invasive lionfish and also doing outreach with the local community on how to try and get rid of this threat to the health of the reefs. Now I’ve made it down to New Zealand where I’m continuing to explore and learn new things about the ocean every day. As I progress through my career I keep coming back to the general goal of learning as much as I can about the oceans and then trying to spread that knowledge to others so we can try to conserve the delicate balance that is the ocean, the life blood of our planet. Because in the words of Sylvia Earle “No blue. No green”.