Jessica is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art where she studied design and sculpture. It’s there that she found her passion for creating work dealing with and promoting ocean conservation. She works as a graphic designer and a gallery artist. Her work spans from two-dimensional to three-dimensional varying in medium. A main focus of hers is shark conservation. She has designed an awareness logo to advocate against shark finning. The logo has been extremely successful in creating conversation and raising awareness.

She has also created a website,, that exhibits her ocean work as well as discusses ocean threats and ways of getting involved.

“I have been drawn to ocean environments ever since I can remember. To me, this ecosystem, which relies on an intricate equilibrium of biodiversity and interactions are both crucial to our existence as well as a fascinating piece of natural design. As an artist I feel I have a great opportunity to promote ocean and aquatic species conservation.”

Jessica has been published in the Ocean Society’s magazine, Beyond Blue January 2011, discussing conservation through artwork. She continues to make and show work across the country in galleries to help the fight to save our oceans.

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