The moment after her first dolphin encounter in Bermuda when she was eight years old, Julie immediately knew what she wanted to do with her life.  However, growing up in landlocked St. Louis, MO provided its own unique challenges for a young lady with eyes set on the blue horizons.  Nonetheless, spending her childhood and adolescent years with dogs and horses helped her always feel connected to animals and nature.  Throughout this time she also developed an interest in cognition and neuroscience, so it wasn’t very surprising to anyone around her when she focused her undergraduate studies on primate cognition and ecology.  After spending one of her undergraduate summers in South Africa to determine whether marine mammal ecology or primate ecology would be her focus in her graduate studies, and thereafter realizing she loved both too much to choose, she took a hiatus from academia to learn more about the world of marketing in New York City.  Two years later, she left New York upon deciding that marine biology was the path for her.  She joined a phytoplankton lab at UCLA which gave her an opportunity to spend even more time in the marine environment.  Ultimately, she received an opportunity to study the animal she and so many others have fallen in love with: the dolphin.  She is currently in Hong Kong studying marine mammal ecology, earning her master’s degree.

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