Kate Galloway

Always situated close to the vast blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, I grew a life-long relationship with the ocean at a very young age. This led me eventually to UC Santa Cruz where I am currently finishing an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology, and getting scuba certified. I have a wide variety of experience in communicating ocean science through teaching, research, and now writing. My experience began as a teenager at the Birch Aquarium, where I taught the public about global warming and ocean acidification. It was also my pleasure to help eager children touch sea cucumbers and sea stars, while I told them about adaptations these tide pool critters have in order to survive in the rocky intertidal.

Now in college, I work at the Seymour Center, which is the visitors station to the Long Marine Lab at UCSC. This center communicates science to the public by allowing them to be in the presence of a blue whale skeleton, touch a shark, and see two research dolphins that the lab works with. I also work in the ELVER lab which focuses on the evolutionary paths and feeding habits of elongate limbless vertebrates, such as moray eels.

As I progress in my career, my passion for ocean conservation and communication will never stop growing. My enthusiastic endeavors and dreams range from helping to ban all whaling down to learning about the delicate coral ecosystems of our planet. I believe that effective ocean policy can only be implemented through public awareness. When it comes to the oceans, we only appreciate what we know and most importantly, we are each others best teachers.

Where to find me: http://research.pbsci.ucsc.edu/eeb/mehta/ElverHome.htm