Kate Walsh and Oceana Raising Awareness to Protect Sea Turtles

By January 26, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

Oceana seems to partner with many celebrities. Earlier today Speak Up for the Blue posted an article on Angela Kinsey and Rachael Harris and their work to save Sea Turtles during their trip to Mexico on 2010. In 2009, Oceana took Kate Walsh to Buck Island, US Virgin Islands to swim with Sea Turtles and discuss their endangered status. During a question and answer video, Kate discusses the mechanisms that harm Sea Turtles in the Ocean. Sea Turtles are often subjected to being caught in trawl nets as bycatch or caught on hooks set out on long lines, which target other species. Sea Turtle habitat such as seagrass meadows and coral reefs are undergoing degradation as coastal development, sediment transport, and nutrient discharge change the composition of the habitats to one that is not suitable to Sea Turtles.

Kate also discusses her connection with Sea Turtles while swimming with her. As with Angela Kinsey, Kate feels closer to the Sea Turtles when she swims with them, watching their day to day routine grazing on seagrasses at a nice slow and relaxed pace. She mentions how people don’t realize the diverse life undersea, even at beaches. Her goal is to bring about awareness that we must be careful how we treat our beaches and shallow areas as they are important to other species than ourselves.

Kate is a great spokeswoman for Oceana as she is very much into protecting the marine environments. Growing up in Northern California, she wanted to become a marine biologist at one point. Partnering with Oceana helps her become closer with the Ocean and working with a terrific organization to protect Sea Turtles and other species. See the video below about Kate on the Tonight Show last year trying to raise awareness for the proper fish to eat when having sushi.

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