Reasons for Having a Podcast:

1) Building relationships with your audience
(A) Podcasting allows for a personal connection to your audience

Reference: January 2015
5 reasons your small company should start a podcast
1) You can become more intimate with your audience
2) Few other businesses are doing it
3) Many possibilities to disseminate your message
4) You can distribute podcasts through many channels
5) Podcasts connect employees to their organizations

Podcasts can perform so many functions:

They can educate.
They can entertain.
They can inform.
They can inspire.
They can garner laughs.
They can gather tears.

1) It doesn’t take much to get started
2) Podcasts are perfect for storytelling
3) They are extremely convenient to consume
4) You can become an industry expert
5) Your listeners are in it for the long haul
6) You can reach a new targeted audience

1) It’s your show: You have complete creative control
2) Cost-effective medium
3) Beyond Borders – a worldwide audience
4) Listen On Demand
5) It’s a measurable medium
6) A Nice Way to Network
7) Empower Your Audience – Share knowledge and eudcation
8) Thought Leadership
9) Expert Level – People who listen will believe you are the expert
10) Podcasts don’t die – they are evergreen

Regarding a wedding registry company teaming up with a podcast to do a 3 City tour during Thanksgiving and Valentines Day to promote stories of love and engagements

Why non-profits should start a podcast