It was while growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, and its beautiful surrounds – poking about in rock pools and roaming open spaces – that Lisa’s love for animals, nature and the ocean in particular took root and matured. As a result of this passion she chose to study the natural sciences after school, and in 2006 she graduated with a degree specialising in Zoology and Genetics and Development.

From there she took a break to explore (parts of) the world before returning to Cape Town and growing into the position of editor of PLANET digimag – an interactive, online digital magazine produced by bigFIG in association with WWF.

Nowadays she’s embarking on a new adventure in Vancouver, Canada, where she will be pursuing a Masters degree in Zoology. Lisa has always had a particular love for the ocean and she’s decided now is the time to focus this passion – writing for Speak Up for Blue is a natural progression.

Some things Lisa loves: swimming in the sea (even when the water is chilly), good-looking clothes and living simply.

A few things Lisa’s not so fond of: single-use plastic, complicated words where simple ones will do and cockroaches.

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