(Live) Is the Carbon Tax the Best Way To Reduce Carbon Emissions and Fight Climate Change

Is the Carbon Tax the Answer to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions_


Today is a special episode, not necessarily because of the topic (Carbon Tax), but because I recorded the episode live in the Facebook Group. I did it for two reasons: 1) I want to have the podcast to include the members of the Facebook group; and, 2) I wanted to switch things up on the podcast partly because this episode is number 450. 

Today’s topic is all about the Carbon Tax. It’s not a popular tax, as popular as any tax; however, it is a tax that Canada and other countries/states are talking about implementing in their policies. some people say the Carbon Tax will not work because governments will not be transparent with the money raised by the Tax. Others feel that we all need to do something about Climate Change and people are incentivized by money. 

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