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By August 5, 2011 Ocean News

Hey Ocean Leaders and Shark week fans!

If you’re looking for a way to make a positive impact for the top pelagic predators frequenting your TV this week, check out The Shark Research Institute’s Shark Week auction! You can cast your bid and receive a chance to win dinner with your favorite ocean celebrity—from Dr. Sylvia Earle to Wyland to Donald Schultz.

The money raised supports The Shark Institute’s conservation programs.  This organization is built to promote public awareness of sharks and their vital role in the marine ecosystem.  SRI is working internationally to create value for sharks as a sustainable natural resource for the dive tourism industry, particularly in developing countries.  By doing so, a steady revenue stream is generated for local fishers that might otherwise slaughter sharks for immediate financial gain.

Share a meal and your passion for the sea with your favorite ocean celebrity AND help out a great cause.  Sure beats watching ‘When Sharks Attack’ for the tenth time!

While you’re at it, check out this TED talk by Jim Toomey about the lessons he has learned from his talking cartoon shark.  Jim is one of the auction’s ocean celebrities, and the creator of “Sherman’s Lagoon” a wry newspaper comic using humor as an ocean conservation tool.

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Megan Cook is a graduate of Oregon State University with a B.Sc. in biology, chemistry and marine biology.  Her passion for exploration, working with great leaders, and fostering understanding of today’s changing oceans has carried Megan working all around the world.  She is inspired by the necessity of connecting the people with an understanding of their reliance and impact on the ocean.   Currently living in Hawaii, Megan works as a field biologist on an invasive species control team and is trying to learn to surf.

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