Managing Big Fisheries Data For Better Shark Management With Madeline Cashion

By November 11, 2018 Fisheries
Analyzing Big Fisheries data for shark management


I had the pleasure of interviewing Madeline Cashion for this episode, where we discussed managing big data for fisheries management with a focus on Sharks. 

Madeline completed her Masters with this project. She studied 65 years worth of fisheries data in the Mediterranean to better understand how shark populations in the region have changed. It wasn’t an easy process as there are many challenges in analyzing a long term dataset. 

Madeline and I discuss the challenges of using big data and how she overcame those challenges to create a useful thesis project that could be applicable to managers in the Mediterranean. 

How do you think Managers could use this data to apply to shark management? Share your thoughts in the Facebook Group:

Enjoy the Podcast!

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