Managing Fish by Habitat; Collaborative Marine Conservation Websites Are Good; and, Octopuses Walk on Land

Octopus walks on land


Today’s Update episode cover two stories and an opinion piece that I have about something that people freak out on way too much. 

There is so much news out there that it was tough to pick just 3 things, but I thought these would be the ones that weren’t getting the attention that they should. 

Today I discuss the following:
1) Menhaden fish catches will be reduced to ensure their sustainability (8:40);
2) My Opinion on a post that went down in a Facebook Group about Marine Careers where one person got hate thrown at them for asking people to collaborate with them on a Marine Conservation Blog and why I like the idea (18:04); and,
3) Octopuses were found walking on the sand in fairly large numbers and it has scientists baffled (34:18).

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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