Managing Water Quality in a Rapidly Growing Tourism Industry in Mexico with Dr. Ed Hind-Ozan and Marisol Flores

Mexican Water Quality Tourism


Tourism in tropical areas that are based on Ocean services such as beaches, swimming, diving, snorkelling, fishing, and more are very popular in many places around the world. One such area that has benefited from tourism is Quintana Roo, Mexico. The area has seen an explosion of its tourism industry over the past decade as it has become a hot spot for North Americans and Europeans. However, the fast expansion of the tourism industry has caused some environmental problems including loss of habitat and a decrease in water quality. The local communities would like to improve their environment and a team of experts are working on developing a framework to provide the local communities with a way to better manage the environment in the face of tourism.

Dr. Edd Hind-Ozan and Marisol Flores are a part of that team. They wanted to share their project with the Speak Up For Blue audience to make you aware of what it going on. Take a listen to the podcast as my guests describe their project, the challenges and the positive way people are participating in the project.

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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