Marine Conservation Career Struggles: 4 Perspectives

Marine Conservation Careers


Marine Conservation Careers is a dream that all of us have that work, or are trying to work, in this field. Two episodes ago, I discussed an article on the struggles people were having trying to get a job. Many of the problems that arose were unpaid internships, pay for work experience and lack of funding. I got some feedback from the Facebook Group on the episode, which was good, but said that I implied that I didn’t think people were doing enough.

My point of the episode was to offer tips that could help you set yourself apart from the rest of the pack that is seeking jobs; however, I never realized that the yips may not work for everyone and my experience in Marine Conservation Careers is very different from may other people. 

I wanted to get other people’s perspectives who are in the field to give more of a well rounded account of what we have been through building a career in Marine Conservation. I found the people.

As some of you may already know, I am producing another podcast show called Marine Conservation Happy Hour, where I get together with @Craken_MacCraic  and @DrScarlettSmash  to talk about the different aspects of Marine Conservation.

This episode we talk about Marine Conservation Careers with special guest @marinebrit  to discuss our journeys through the mythical word of building our careers. Three generations of Marine Conservationists open up and rant about the past and present situations and hope for a better future.

While having some drinks over the internet happy hour…

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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  • Sasha Studebaker says:

    Hi Andrew and Speak up for Blue team,
    I am a relatively new listener, steadily working my way through the old episodes while simultaneously listening to the new episodes. I’m not the type of person that regularly leaves comments, but I found this episode very discouraging. I am currently getting my degree in environmental science with a concentration in natural resources and conservation. Growing up I had always planned on becoming a marine biologist, but quickly realized it was an impacted field and the likelihood of finding employment after graduation would be near impossible. Getting a degree in environmental science with the intent of getting a masters in fisheries and wildlife or sustainability I thought I would be broadening my employment opportunities. At no point did I think that finding employment in this field would be easy, I realized that employment opportunities would be slim, the salary would be low, and the constant battle to get society and the government to make the necessary changes to improve and sustain the environment would at times be overwhelming this episode was really depressing. While I appreciate your honestly in the bleak outlook of finding employment, I guess I didn’t realize it was going to be this much of a struggle and am now very discouraged! Hope to hear more uplifting content in the episodes to come.

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