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By September 14, 2016 Speak Up For Blue Podcast

Speak Up For Blue Podcast

Marine Conservation Careers is not attained by following a straight and narrow road, just ask our guest Travis Nielsen

Travis Nielsen is our guest today on Interview Wednesday. He is a marine scientist and the person who was responsible for managing the logistics at the International Marine Conservation Congress in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Essentially, he made sure that everyone enjoyed themselves at the conference by everything running well. And I must say that he is damn good at his job.

I met Travis at the IMCC4 and we got along great! So much so that we chatted about him coming on the very podcast to discuss what he did and how he got here. And he left a little surprise for me and you for when we recorded the podcast (You will have to listen to the podcast to find out what that surprise is!).

I really enjoyed hearing the story of how Travis got to where he is because is describes the path that many have taken and are currently taking. It’s a long a winding path, which requires you to adapt to professional and personal situations that may influence your decisions at any point in time. It’s about taking risks to see what is behind door number 1 and then taking door number 2 after realizing that door number 1 wasn’t for you.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a marketing guru and celebrity, always tells people that you will need to be able to pivot multiple times throughout your career to maintain your job or to follow your passions to a meaningful career.

Travis has done what Gary says and will continue to do it throughout his career because he has been doing it since he graduated High School.

Are you ready to pivot to a more meaningful career?

Do you want to talk about how you can pursue a career in Marine Conservation? Send me an email and let’s chat.

Because I want to talk to you!

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