Marine Mammals Behaviour In Captivity; People Want Lolita To Be Released; and, Guy Poses With Sharks – Reaction

By June 1, 2018 Ocean Talk
Dolphins, Lolita and Sharks


I originally had a plan to have the Marin eConservation Happy Hour Crew, so we did a Facebook Live in the Speak Up For Blue Group; however, we had a problem with the audio recording and none of it could be used. 

So I re-recorded it for you so that you could have something on this Friday. My apologies. 

This recording is a summary of what the Marine Conservation Happy Hour Crew discussed during the live. 

Here are the stories that we covered:

1) Marine Mammal Behaviour on happiness is real?;

2) Can Lolita be released?; and,

3) Man with abs poses with sharks, illegally.

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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