Marine Protected Areas Don’t Protect Corals From Climate Change

By March 25, 2019 Coral Reef
marine protected areas are not protecting corals because of climate change

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are a great tool in the Conservation toolbelt as they have, do, and continue to protect fisheries and biodiversity all over the world; however, MPAs do not protect certain species from other human disturbances such water pollution and climate change.

A new Mongabay article covered a paper that was authored by John Bruno and a team of scientists that reviewed 18 peer-reviewed articles that studied the recovery of reef-building corals within MPAs compared to the corals outside MPAs. The researchers found that there was no difference in health because Climate Change played a more important role in affecting the corals’ health.

It’s important to know that MPAs can help protect species, habitats, and special ocean environments (spawning and nursery habitats), but it can’t protect everything. I discuss why that is during this episode.

Take a listen to find out why.

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