SUFB 150: Massive Coral Reef Discovered at the Mouth of the Amazon River

By April 25, 2016 April 29th, 2016 Speak Up For Blue Podcast


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A {surprise} 600+ mile long reef discovered at the mouth of the Amazon!

The discovery of a long 600 mile long coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon River has really changed the way I think about reefs. Coral reefs are normally found in tropical shallow oceans with a narrow range of habitat parameters including temperature, pH, salinity, and others. They also rely on invertebrate and fish associated species to graze on algae that could over grow on to corals and smother them.

The newly discovered reef at the mouth of the Amazon River at situated below the muddy water discharged from the massive river. So how can these sponges, corals, and other reef structures survive in a place that is under a layer of muddy freshwater? That is what researchers will gladly answer with more research.

The problem is that the reef is not safe as the Brazilian Government has sold 80 blocks to oil companies for exploration and drilling, 20 of the blocks are already producing oil. Oh, by the way, the blocks are located on top of the reefs. GREAT!!! We just discovered this unique reef that might help us figure out how to save other reefs and we might already be destroying them.

What will happen with the new reefs and the drilling? Who knows. the government could halt the drilling to save the reefs, but will they opt for the oil money instead? Only time will tell and perhaps the voices of the Speak Up For Blue community.


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