Inspired by a marine biologist-turned-first grade teacher at the age of six, I fell deeply heels over head for the ocean, the dramatic power it holds, and all the creatures living in/on/near it.   Growing up in the mountain desert, meant a delay to my salt-water adventures.  But the water was always nearby sailing, white-water rafting and tinkering on homemade boats with Dad.  A proud graduate of Oregon State University, I was a diver for Dr. Mark Hixon’s Bahamian reef ecology team, a NCAA athlete, and trainer for OSU scuba divers.


Always seeking diverse, challenging opportunities, I have conducted oceanographic research from a tall-ship sailing from Tahiti to Hawaii, studied indigenous culture and marine field ecology in Queensland, Australia, worked as a free diver throughout the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument removing marine debris, and traveled over 100,000 miles worldwide in one year promoting youth leadership and philanthropy.    I am passionate about all areas of ocean conservation but especially enlivened by tackling large-scale issues like marine debris, invasive species, and ocean energy production.  My goal as a communicator is to help both scientists and non-scientists find tangible, interesting, and personal connections to the ocean and its conservation.  I believe right now is the time share knowledge, create change, and encourage informed, ocean-friendly decisions.


The last few years I have lived in Hawaii and love being constantly close to the ocean! Currently, I work on Hawaii’s aquatic invasive species team which keeps me active mitigating damage to the islands’ beautiful reefs.  In my dry hours, I love watching sports, teaching fitness classes, working with great leaders, traveling and baking cookies.  Looking forward to learning with you!