Mind Over Ocean: A New Way to Improve Ocean Conservation

By May 5, 2011 Interviews


Ocean Scientists have a strong passion for their work, especially conserving the Oceans. The passion is so strong that often times they will work without any pay. It’s not just Ocean Scientists, there are many other people who grow strongly attached to the Oceans. For instance why do we associate beaches and oceans with relaxation and romance? Wallace ‘J’ Nichols says the passion has something to do with how our brain functions. I was curious about this new way of thinking so I asked J to come on the program to find out more about it.

The concept of Neuro-Conservation is not new; however, the fields of Neurobiology and Ocean Conservation have not been formally introduced. The long waited introduction is over. Neurobiologists with various specialties will meet and chat with Ocean Conservationists at the BLUEMIND Summit. The summit will take place at the California Academy of Sciences on June 1-2, 2011.



Merging the Mind and Ocean to Help Save the Oceans from Andrew Lewin on Vimeo.

Here are some links to connect with J:
J’s website where you can find a ton of information

The Ocean Revolution

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