My Christmas Wish List for Marine Science and Conservation

My Christmas Wish List for Marine Science And Communication


I wanted to post a shorter episode today (Merry Christmas everyone!!!) to highlight my wishes for the Marine Science and Conservation Field:

1) I would like to see people read more science papers or know more about them;

2) I would like to see people in the field be nicer to each other (eliminate sexual harassment and bias and colleagues standing up for each other);

3) I would like to see citizens, in any country, support politicians who demonstrate in ability to understand the importance of science and listen to science experts no matter the outcome;

4) I would like to see more people get involved in science communication and support those who are actively engaging in science communication; and,

5) I would like to see the Speak Up For Blue Community as well as other people supporting smaller organizations who are results-oriented.

Enjoy the Podcast and Merry Christmas!!!

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