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By April 8, 2016 February 8th, 2017 Ocean Education

Every so often, when I feel like I should be working but am lacking the motivation to do anything really worthwhile, I watch TED talks. Watching eloquent, well-prepared thought leaders pace along the stage while pitching these “ideas worth spreading” is the perfect cure for procrastinitis. But if you’re anything like me, the talks you normally end up spending fifteen to twenty minutes of your time absorbing were chosen solely on their title and view count. Go browsing with the original goal of learning about sustainable and innovative business ventures, end up watching a video entitled “How to be happy, bilingual, stress-free, and filthy rich in just six hours” with 100 trillion views. That’s just how it goes. So, in order to help TED share some of its underappreciated ideas, I’ve compiled a list of some ocean-related TED talks that are from the past year that certainly deserve more views than they have. Check them out, feel free to let me know what you think of each in the comments section and if there are any that I missed. Enjoy!

The case for fish farming” – Great synopsis of the potential benefits of aquaculture, and how this type of agrarian mentality could drastically improve our world’s fisheries. There’s a reason, however, that some folks are still hesitant to embrace aquaculture and the speaker doesn’t go into too much detail as to how we can address the industry’s current shortcomings. I give it three clams*.

Our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali” – Inspiring story of how to girls from Bali changed the entire Island’s perception of plastic and became the loudest voice against plastic bags. Four clams!

The four fish we’re overeating and what to eat instead” – If you want to start eating more sustainably and only have fifteen minutes, this is a perfect place to start. Paul’s presentation on the current state of our seafood industry will convince the casual seafood consumer that its time to start looking into options beyond shrimp and tuna. Five clams.

How we can make crops survive without water” – Thought-provoking segment on how science can use genes from “desiccation” plants to address potential instances of food shortages over the next few generations, while also addressing the current GMO-phobia within the United States. Three clams.

Glow-in-the-dark sharks and other stunning sea creatures” – Gotta be honest, this is a talk you have to watch the whole way through. I originally listened to this as a podcast on my phone, and as charismatic and passionate as David is, I just wasn’t feeling it. The visuals really make this segment, and ultimately will change the way you see (nice one Nate) our underwater ecosystems. Three clams.

My country will be underwater soon – unless we work together” – Most of you have never heard of the Republic of Kiribati, a small island nation located in the central Pacific Ocean. Consider this episode an introduction to the island and to Anote Tong, the current President of Kiribati. In it, President Tong makes a heartfelt plea to all developed nations to cut carbon emissions and to consider the effect refusing to do so will have on the Kiribatis of the world. A charismatic, well-spoken, humble world leader, President Tong will have you emotionally-invested in a people and a nation that, twenty minutes ago, did not exist to most people. Four clams.

*I’m rating things by clams these days.

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  • Robert Rotach says:

    question is: Can we use the plastic to soak up the radiation then launch it into space. I wish Tesla was here to help, but we are on our own with what we have. BETTER GET THIS ONE RIGHT, OR WE WILL NOT GET TO WORRY VERY LONG. Then stop doing stupid human tricks…start doing smart things, like cleaning up our messes….learn to get along and take the giant step….

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