Nations Make Pact To Protect Arctic Fisheries; Science Communication Gone Wrong; and, Chinese Navy Uses Jellyfish Shredder

Science Communication Gone Wrong


Science Communication (SciComm) is a great tool for Scientists and Conservationists to use to reach the public. It provides Scientists with the power to drive their own message straight from their own mouths, especially now with social media tools such as podcasting and online videos available to anyone that has a message to provide an audience.

However, traditional media such as TV Networks and Newspapers still reach an established and large audience that may not be available to people who are just starting out in Science Communication. Unfortunately, you never know what will be the final product when you use that type of media as they have creative control and it seems as thought they will do anything for a click. 

Dr. Alexander Pyron learned that lesson the hard way. I discuss his opinion piece in the Op Ed of the Washington Post in which he now regrets writing and says the Post added words that he did not write…words that could cost him his career and ruin his reputation as a Scientist. 

I do discuss some great news in the Arctic in terms of fisheries and scientific research and cover a weird article about the Chinese Navy shredding jellyfish in the Ocean to protect their Aircraft Carriers.

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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