Nautilus and Conch Shells Part of Huge Illegal Trade

By November 14, 2018 December 4th, 2018 Fisheries
Illegal conch shell trade

Elephant tusks and rhino horns dominate the headlines when it comes to illegal products being sold on the black market. I understand why this happens as they are iconic species; however, there are many other illegal animals being sold where enforcement is lacking.

An article in National Geographic discusses the illegal sales of Conch and Nautilus shells (along with other shells) that are not in the up and up. The shells were not picked up on along the shore where it was already empty. Many of the shells were taken from the Ocean with live animals in them. The poachers kill the animals in the shells, pour acid in the shell, which cleans out the shell or any remains and sell it at markets and in decorative stores.

The people who buy the shells do not make the connection that there were animals in the shells or they do not understand their important functionality in the Ocean habitats in which they live.

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