Nina Dobrev Tries to Spread Awareness on Sharks, but Gets Objectified Instead

By June 23, 2017 Ocean News
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Look, I understand that Nina Dobrev is a celebrity and celebrities are judged based on their looks (well the women are for the most part), but she is also a person who dedicates a lot of her time to raise awareness for animals, a noble act that shows intelligence and compassion. Do we really need to worry about what Nina is wearing while she is trying to raise awareness for animals? Seriously folks, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: it’s 2017 (I’m paraphrasing).


Nina Dobrev is currently in Hawaii shooting a documentary with Ocean Ramsey to bring attention the plight of sharks to the world. A valiant effort and a much needed one. There ARE many documentaries on the issues sharks face; however, not everyone understands the level of threat sharks are under around the world. So documentaries are needed over and over again, especially to update information for the world on the status of conservation and to share success stories as the failures so the public is aware on what needs to be done.

I find it extremely frustrating that once a woman is involved in any type of project, especially as a celebrity, they are objectified. This Popsugar article is a prime example of undermining the project and focusing on Nina’s looks rather than a project that is important to her. First off, the title of the article is “Nina Dobrev Flaunts Her Jaw-Dropping Figure While Working to Save Sharks in Hawaii.” Are you kidding me? She is wearing a bathing suit because she probably just went swimming. There is not mention of the type of sharks she saw or why it was important for her to be a part of this project. I know the article stems from a trashy/paparazzi website like Popsugar and I shouldn’t really expect more, but I do.

I see this objectification as a Marine Ecologist all the time and it’s always one sided. We never see this with male counterparts, even with celebrities. Adrian Grenier is a celebrity known for his role as Vincent Chase in HBO’s Entourage, but he is also a strong advocate for Ocean Conservation. You see him in the media sometimes at rallies or Marine Conservation conferences. What you DON’T see is people talking about what he looks like, but focus on his Ocean Conservation message.

Can we please just focus on the intelligence and passion of the celebrities who are trying to work to help protect the Ocean rather than how they look when they are doing it?!?!?!

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