OCEAN APPS: Part 2 Android Phones

By February 27, 2013 Ocean Solutions


Here’s part 2 of the 3 part series on smartphone apps related to anything ocean ! This article focuses on Android applications!

unnamedBe a citizen scientist with the Sea Turtle Tracker Tool! This app designed with inspiration from the NOAA Marine Turtle Assessments Program, will allow you to submit photos with location information of sea turtles you happen upon to help with ongoing sea turtle research. *Note the app was created in less than 48 hours and is a very crude prototype, but will be updated in the near future.

aqpaThe Aquarium Visitor Guide brought to you by the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA provides the user with a wealth of information about the aquarium including the species found there and exhibits to find them in, a map, visitors guide and schedule! This app is a great way to give yourself a tour of the aquarium and make sure you don’t miss anything you want to see! A great idea for all aquariums to incorporate new technology and ensure everyone at the aquarium gets the most out of their aquarium visit! *This app is free and also available for iPhone.

aqidThe Aquarium ID app brought to you by Meet Reef (a social network for all aquarium fanatics), brings identification of saltwater fish, invertebrates and corals to the palm of your hand! Don’t be confused when you purchase new aquarium members and make sure the animal you are purchasing will actually get along well with your tank! No more worrying about spending money on something that will eat or be eaten anymore! This app also includes general aquarium questions about starting a tank, water quality, lighting, feeding, common problems and connects you to their forum for any other questions you may have. This app is FREE!

The last three apps on this list are a great tool for conservationists and an innovative way to generate awareness for coral reefs and their residents around the world! There should be one of these for every major diving and snorkeling location around the world!

rchk Hong Kong Reef Check, developed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department allows the user to check out coral coverage of 33 survey sites in the waters off Hong Kong. It includes photos of 48 species of the reefs inhabitants, along with current weather. *This app is FREE but mostly in Chinese, but there are pictures to help you determine what you want to find if you cannot read Chinese.

GEN_XDD5UWATER1Red Sea Explorer is comprised of images and descriptions for over 600 marine species that can be found in the Red Sea. This apps main focus is on fish, but also includes whales, dolphins, sea turtles, mollusks, jellyfish, crustaceans and corals! This app is particularly great because it helps you identify things based on observable traits such as body shapes, colors, and where you may have seen them. Very useful for divers or snorkelers interested in what they saw but with no idea where to start to identify it. This app is FREE

hawaiisf Hawaii Snorkel Fish contains images of over 200 fish that may be seen during snorkel or shallow water diving in Hawaii. Each fish contains its own description with a picture, basic ecological information, size and scientific name. This app allows the user to either browse by families if you know the approximate type of fish it is but just not sure what species, or by its customizable search option including size, shape, color, markings, position in the water column, schooling behavior, endemism (uniqueness to Hawai`i), favorite status, fish seen, common name, scientific name and Hawaiian name. Apart from identifying the fish you’ve seen, you can keep a log of all the snorkel locations you’ve done including a list of what you have seen at each location. This app has a pricetag of $4.99 but seems like a sound investment if you are a Hawaiian resident or frequent traveler with a love for the ocean and curiosity about fish! For more information check out their website!


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