Citizen Scientist
For The Ocean

Collect important Ocean Data
on Sharks, Whales, Sea Turtles,
Reefs and more for valuable Ocean
Conservation Research purposes

Citizen Science is scientific research conducted by

non-professional scientists

SharksCount – Citizen Science For Sharks

SharksCount is a Citizen Science program dedicated towards protection sharks by filing the information gaps of local shark populations. SCUBA divers come across sharks more than anyone else; therefore, there is an opportunity for SCUBA divers to collect vital information on the population of sharks at dive sites all over the world. The data would be included in scientific research that will help researchers better understand sharks and protect them in the future.


MangroveWatch is a program that has been established to address the urgent need to preserve and protect threatened tidal wetland ecosystems as well as addressing both scientific and environmental management needs.

This new monitoring program targets estuarine and coastal systems where there are mangroves, saltmarsh and saltpans. Like Seagrass-Watch the program uses a partnership between community volunteers and scientists.