Ocean Conservation Action: A New Focus

Ocean Conservation Action

Why Do We Need Ocean Conservation?

Ocean Conservation is needed all over the world as oceans are being affected by issues like plastic pollution, overfishing, coastal development, and climate change (sea level rise, increased sea temperatures, and ocean acidification). Governments, organizations, and ocean leaders from all over the world are trying to make the Ocean healthier through education, raising awareness, and inspiring people to take action.

A Call To Action: SpeakUpForBlue.com

SpeakUpForBlue.com was a product of me being inspired in 2010 by a number of scientists at two specific conferences on Ocean health and Conservation. At the end of both conferences, we scientists realized that there needs to be engagement among marine scientists, policy makers, and ocean conservations with the public to help them understand the plights the Ocean is facing. I took on this call of action as my mission in my career and in my life as I saw the potential to make a difference in Ocean Conservation…so I decided to start a website as a tool to communicate with the public. The only problem is I didn’t know what to tell people; where to begin; or, how to tell them what was happening with the Oceans that will inspire them to take action.

Ocean Conservation Plastic Pollution
For those of you who have followed SpeakUpForBlue.com from the beginning (THANK YOU for your commitment!), you know that my message was scattered. I dabbled in writing blog posts about the Ocean issues and brought you some news happening around the world. I used various ways of communicating my message to you (video, audio, text), but my message was scattered as I couldn’t pinpoint what people actually wanted…until I did something I wish I had done from the beginning…I asked YOU…my audience…what topics you wanted me to cover. And many of you answered the same thing: How do I protect the Ocean?

New Focus: Conservation Action

So, I thought about how I could bring you this kind of information…and the result is this NEW, RE-INVENTED SpeakupForBlue.com. I am working towards making this site the best resource on the web to help everybody figure out a way to protect the Ocean from home; on vacation or a particular destination; in your career; or, even on the web. The mission of this site is to provide you with the information you need to create a healthier Ocean.

Aside from this new site…which I spent 4 months planning and designing with a small team of dedicated people, I plan on giving you everything you need to live an ocean-friendly life. I am going to point you to the best sites for learning about the ocean; the best organizations to follow; the best citizen science programs to use; and the best ocean-friendly products to buy and live a sustainable life without harming the environment.

I’m also going to provide you ways that you can participate as a community, but those gems are still in the planning phases and I assure you they are awesome.

So I wanted to end this week’s post by saying THANK YOU for visiting our site and becoming part of the Speak Up For Blue community of Ocean Leaders. I hope you enjoy the content on this site and I urge you to sign up for our community list (if you haven’t already) to receive all of our exciting updates and content that I will be rolling out in the next few months.

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