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Ocean Conservation using Entertainment
Ocean Conservation using Entertainment

The Great White Shark Song uses entertainment to change the reputation of sharks

If you would like to change the way we treat our Oceans.

Science is boring. No one wants to hear about statistics and dry facts about how the coasts are eroding or how water levels are rising. That type of dry information will go in one ear and out the other and I don’t blame people for not listening. I suffer the same plight when I speak to my wife and friends about my work. I can tell them about how I used a new statistic to get the result I wanted, but it just doesn’t interest them.

Many people these days want to be entertained. Today’s media has less than 1 second to catch someone’s eye in order to get your message through. Even on blog posts, Derek Halpern of Social Triggers, states a reader will most likely read an entire blog post if he/she reads the first 3 lines. Other than that, odds are the visitor will click to something new. It’s called the power of curiosity. A great headline and image can get the attention of visitors; however, catching the curiosity of the reader will keep their attention throughout the post. You make people curious by entertaining them, which can make people join a call to action such as conserving the Oceans! Need an Example? No problem…

Image Makeover for Sharks

Sharks have a bad reputation as a killing machine that dates back to a little movie called JAWS…have you seen it? The movie basically transformed a top Ocean predator into a human eating machine. The purpose of the film was for pure entertainment; however, it scared the hell out of everyone, including myself! A bad reputation has meant that no one really cares about the survival of these species until a recent movie called Sharkwater came out in 2006. Rob Stewart showed sharks in a different light. Audiences around the world saw Rob cuddling with sharks while diving exposing the gentle side compared to their killing machine side. The movie was entertaining as it was filled with controversy surrounding the shark fin soup trade run by the Taiwanese mafia and our hero, Rob Stewart, was being chased out of Costica Rica by boat with heavily armed policemen.

Andy Brandy Casagrande IV also shows a gentler side of sharks. Andy not only has a very entertaining name (it’s really fun to say it…try it…say it to yourself!), but he has an entertaining song about great white sharks (the same type as jaws and one of the most fear predators in the world!). Check out the songe:

WOW!!! The first thing I notice about that video is the Andy is swimming with a Great White Shark right behind him. Maybe they don’t want to eat us all the time. I’m not saying that you should go out and swim with a Great White Shark. It would be as silly as saying for you to go out and run beside a pride of lions. You just don’t do certain things.

The points of this video were to show how sharks are not just killing machines and to educate viewers through the words of the song…did you listen to the song? andy spoke about specific attributes of the Great White Shark including hunting tools, hunting skills, color, and behavior. Andy does a great job to try and get many points across to the viewer while maintain the viewers curiosity. A great video to watch over and over. I get this song stuck in my head all the time.

Change the reputation of sharks! Share with your friends!

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