Ocean Conservation: Not Just for Scientists Anymore!

By December 19, 2011 October 23rd, 2013 Ocean Conservation Careers
Ocean Conservation Jobs

Ocean Conservation has traditionally thought to be for Marine Biologists or Oceanographers, but that is simply not true! There are many different career types within Ocean Conservation besides Biological Scientists.

Ocean Conservation Jobs

It takes more than just marine biologists to Save the Oceans! Consider using your skills in a Career in Ocean Conservation.

For instance, social scientists, policy makers, lawyers, fundraisers, marketers, communications specialists, and public relations fields all play an important role in Ocean Conservation. So you don’t need to have a science background to have a career saving the Oceans. All you need to do is have that passion that every Ocean Conservationist has. This passion is what makes Ocean Conservation unique.

Each career type has a certain role in the Conservation process. The scientist understands the ocean environment and detects changes (good or bad) in the Ocean. The Scientist tells the policy makers, lawyers, communicators/pr people of the changes. And they deal with the issue according to their responsibilities. So, the policy maker creates policy to stop the changes, the lawyer ensures that it becomes law or that the existing laws are changed/amended to fit this new issue, and the communicators/pr people tell the public of the issue to make sure everyone knows and can lend their support.

We can’t forget the financial and business careers that help maintain organizations, government departments, and conservation itself.

So there are lots of careers for everyone in Ocean Conservation, and it’s not just for scientists anymore!

What kind of career do you want to have in Ocean Conservation? How can you contribute?

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