Your Guide To
Ocean Conservation

Check out these resources to help you protect the Ocean

Fall In Love With The Ocean

It’s not difficult to do…fall in love with the Ocean, but not many people love the Ocean because they are unaware of what is in it and what the Ocean means to our life and survival. There are so many things in the Ocean that people don’t really know about, so here at, we will introduce you to them and you can fall in love with them like we did.

Ocean Awareness

Once you’ve fallen in love with the Ocean you will want to know how to protect it…but first you should become aware of the issues that are facing the Ocean. Here is a list of issues to start you off.
Plastic Pollution
Ocean Acidification;
High Ocean Sea Surface Temperature;
Sea Level Rise;
Coastal Development causing loss in coastal habitats or shoreline alteration;
Over fishing;
Water pollution including chemicals, nutrients, and nuclear waste.

Protect The Ocean!

Now that you fell in Love with the Ocean and you know what major issues are affecting the Ocean, you are probably feeling motivated to protect the Ocean. But, where do you begin? Can you find the time to dedicate to protect the Ocean? These are valid questions, but the answer to both of the questions is YES! It only takes small changes in your daily routine to make a difference. is all about helping you make the right choices for a healthier Ocean. Check out our Blog for up to date information on the better choices you can make to benefit the Ocean.