Ocean Day Fast Approaching…Start the Process!

Credit: OMRN

Ocean Day is tomorrow, June 8 2011. In my opinion, it is a day to reflect on the Ocean’s beauty, mysteries, and marine life it provides to us to enjoy; however, it is also a day to reflect on how we influence the Oceans. There are many problems with the Oceans and much of it is derived from the humans. Many of which have simple solutions to them but are not apparent, or they require us to take a few extra steps to solve. For example, Speak Up for Blue has explained to you in a couple of articles the problem on plastic pollution in the Oceans.

To solve this problem, we humans need to understand our use of “single-use” plastic. Instead of ordering the 1-Litre bottle of pop/soda, choose the smaller cans as they tend to get recycled more. Or if you are going to the beach and bring water, drinks, plates, cutlery, etc. ensure that you bring all of it home and dispose of your garbage at home. Do you see how easy it is? It just takes a couple of extra thoughts and steps to make life better in the Ocean. So this Ocean’s Day, think about how you influence the Oceans and the steps you can take to ensure you minimize your splash!

What will you be doing on Ocean’s Day that could make you and others change how you view the Oceans for the next 364 days of the year? Let us know on the Speak Up for Blue Facebook Page.

Here are 3 more ways, suggested by Roz Savage who is rowing across the Indian Ocean to raise awareness for a more sustainable way of living, you can do things on Ocean’s Day…and the rest of the year to help the Oceans:

If you’re short of ideas on what to do for Oceans Day, here are a few suggestions:

1. Get informed – maybe watch one or more of the TED Mission Blue talks. If you want the bad news, check out Jeremy Jackson. If you’d prefer something more upbeat, Brian Skerry is very good, and has some superb photographs. But there are lots more there too – you’ll be spoiled for choice.

2. Make a donation – to Oceana, Blue Frontier Campaign, or one of the other nonprofits working for the future of the oceans. See also Marine Conservation Society UK.

3. Have your own mini beach clean-up, or if you don’t live near the coast, clean up along the banks of a river or stream. All rivers lead to the ocean – and take rubbish along with them.

I’ve been trying to think what I can do to mark the day. It seems odd, given that I am in the middle of an ocean, that I’m short of ideas that go above and beyond what I am doing every day anyway. I could refrain from swearing at the ocean for 24 hours, no matter how provoked, but that seems a bit lame. Let me know if you have any better suggestions!

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