Sea Level Rise

Rising sea levels can have devastating effects on homes and businesses along the coasts.

What Is The Issue

Sea levels are rising, which can greatly impact human populations. Rising sea levels cause waters to move inland, flooding coasts and eventually invading cities.

Why Is This A Problem

Waters are warming due to warming global temperatures, and warmer water expands, which causes sea level rise. Global warming has also caused glaciers and ice sheets in the poles to melt, which adds more water to the ocean, also contributing to sea level rise.

Who Is Responsible For The Issue

We are all indirectly responsible for this issue as it is related to Climate Change. Global Temperatures are increasing causing ice caps to melt in North and South Poles, which add more water to the Oceans causing global sea levels to rise.

How Do We Solve This Issue

This issue is related to Climate Change; therefore, we can help reduce this issue by being more conscious about our carbon footprint. Drive less, eat and buy locally, and reduce your energy use around your home.

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