Ocean leaders are people who dedicate their lives to protecting the Ocean. Some travel the world exploring and documenting unchartered parts of the Oceans; some work in marine science; and, some distribute messages from their home offices or even on the go via their smartphones. Each and every Ocean Leader share a common passion for the Oceans and try their best to protect them so future generations can have the chance to experience their wonder and awe.

Ocean Leaders come from all walks of life. Some are well known in the public eye like Dr. Sylvia Earle, Jean-Michel Cousteau, and Dr. Wallace J. Nichols while others are not well known yet like Julie Serot and David Shiffman (WhySharksMatter) but they are working hard to spread their messages.

These leaders are inspirations to the world and SUFB believes they should be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication by adding them to this Ocean Leader Profile page so visitors have the chance to get to know them and follow their work.

Speak Up For Blue is trying to profile as many people as possible so if you think you or someone you know is an Ocean Leader than feel free to contact us to get them on this page. In order to get them up on this list as soon as possible, please submit a small written profile (images and/or videos are always welcome) via the contact page.

5 Gyres

Alexandra Cousteau

Amy – Bluegrass Blue Crab

Andrew Thaler – Southern Fried Scientist

Andy Brandy Casagrande IV

Brianna Ordung

Hayley Marston

Jesse Senko

Joanna Clarke

Julie Serot

Kate Galloway

Arlo Hemphill

Bob Payne, PhD

Brendan Turley

Carl Safina, PhD

Celine Cousteau

Christine Hoekenga

David Guggenheim, PhD

Danielle Meitiv

David Shiffman – WhySharksMatter

Fabien Cousteau

Jason Selwyn

Jessica Adanich

Julie-Beth McCarthy

Lauren Donnelly

Lisa Boonzaier

Lyne Morissette, PhD

Megan Cook

Michael Esgro



Philippe Cousteau Jr.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Randy Olson, PhD

Reef Relief

Roz Savage

Sylvia Earle, PhD

Sonia Doblado

Terry Lilley

Wallace “J.” Nichols, PhD