Ocean News: Rosie O’Donnell kills Hammerhead, Whale Hunt Shenanigans, and Respective Fishermen

By January 22, 2012 January 25th, 2012 Ocean News
Rosie O'Donnell kills hammerhead shark

Rosie O’Donnell Reacts to Twitter Criticism of Her Fishing Practices

Our first story today happened last we where TV host Rosie O’Donnell was in the news about the Oceans. Now when first heard about this story I thought I would be hearing something good happening about the Ocean with Rosie, who is a dedicated advocate of many issues such as Gay and Lesbian rights and for better control of guns in the US.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for this story because Rosie was out with the infamous Mark “The Shark” Quartiano, a man known for ruthlessly hunting down sharks and other large fish with well paying customers. Not only was she out with her family and this douchebag, but she was present when they caught a Hammerhead shark, which is now protected in the State of Florida as of January 1. In her defense, Rosie’s trip was way before January 1 before the law came into effect.

BUT, Conservationists from all over were outraged that Rosie was a part of this trip.

Here is my take on it…

Rosie should not have been on the boat with Mark “The Shark”…He brags that he is responsible for killing 100,000s of sharks in his lifetime and perpetuates the reputation that sharks are killing machines so that he can justify killing them and having people pay him to take them out and kill a shark. The man is a Douchebag and hopefully will be put out of business if he continues these acts!
I’m sure Rosie and her family did not know about the state of the hammerhead shark around the world, as many other people don’t know. Is that her fault, probably not? Perhaps it is the fault of Ocean Advocates for not getting the word out to the public so that they know. There is a lot of information out there, people can’t know everything.

Rosie could have handled the situation a little better…instead of apologizing for being part of killing a shark, she made the following statement: “we were not going after any species in particular – u catch what u catch – and it wasnt endangered til 11 days ago.” Not the brightest comment in the world as it doesn’t matter if the law came into effect on January 1, the species has not been doing well for a well, that is why it is now protected. It’s not like the species was doing badly on January 1.
I crap on Mark “The Shark” because I don’t like him or what he does, but the fact remains that there is no evidence of him breaking the law. He is a fisherman and he has a right to make a living. It is our duty as conservationists to ensure that his practice along with other fishermen do not have a negative impact on sharks and other large fish.

Rosie then addressed the topic on the show where she made light of the situation and stated that she will never fish for hammerheads again. Cause if she does, then she will be charged.

3 Crazy Australian Animal Rights Advocates Board Japanese Vessel to Protect Whales from Hunting

On to the next story which takes place on the other side of the world where the Sea Shepard Society is fighting the evil Japanese Whale Hunters.

Last Week, 3 men – Simon Peterffy, Geoffrey Tuxworth and Glen Pendlebury illegally boarded a Japanese security ship in Antarctic waters during the ever so popular whale hunt. The men who work with Forest Rescue were protesting the Japanese whale hunt, which according to the Japanese is for research purposes only.

The point of this ridiculous act was to try and stop the security ship from chasing Sea Sheppard’s founder Paul Watson who was aboard the “Steve Irwin.” However, it didn’t work because the Secrity ship continued its pursuit of the Steve Irwin wth the protesters on board.

The men boarded the ship at 4:30am and were quickly detained in custody. The Japanese authorities were going to bring them back to Tokyo to be tried for illegally boarding a vessel.

There was a huge outcry from conservationists all over the world who put pressure on the Australian government to save them…which they did by sending a customs boat to get the 3 men.

The Australian government is pissed because they say it cost them 100s of 1000s of dollars to go get them for the stupid act.

As to how the men acted on the ship? A friend of theirs said both parties were very cooperative, the prisoners were fed well although they were getting sick of fish soup, and the two parties were teaching each other’s language. So that protest went really well!

Rosie O'Donnell kills hammerhead shark[/caption]>A Great Fish Experience

I am pleased to say that our final story is more positive…

2 fishermen off the coast of Maui landed a huge Marlin, but shortly after they got a visit from a friend (Watch the end of the video above).

You gotta love their reaction to seeing the shark. They admired the shark and respected its territory by just looking at it and not trying to kill it of dive in to get a closer look.

I wanted to profile this story because it’s not often that you see or hear about this behaviour from fishermen. It just goes to show that some fishermen, perhaps more than we know, respect the ocean and it’s species and acknowledge that the ocean provides them with their food.

Question of the Day

Do you think the efforts by the Sea Shepard Society are working to stop the whale hunt?

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